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LOL Champion Concept: Ictinus (REWORKED)
Name: Ictinus, the Imposing Commandant
Role: Juggernaut/Fighter
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Residence: Ictinus is from Noxus.
Related Champions: Darius, Swain, Katarina, Talon, Leblanc, Sion 
Health: 595.34 (+93.25)
Attack Damage: 58.45 (+4.5)
Health Regen: 8.923 (+0.78)
Attack Speed: 0.628 (+2.25%)
Mana: 295.2 (+39.8)
Armor: 27.74 (+3.6)
Mana Regen: 7.065 (+0.54)
Magic Resist: 32.1 (+1.25)
Range: 175 (Melee)
Movement Speed: 340
Passive: Intimidating Presence
When Ictinus attacks an enemy champion with a skill, he "Intimidates" them, reducing their damage-output against him (And ONLY him) by 1.25% for the next 4 seconds, (1.5%/1.75%/2%, increases with levels of Ult) stacking up to 4 times at max with each successive skill hit. Upon the fifth strike, the enemy champion is "Terrified" for 1.5 seconds, and the damage reduction is doubled. However, he cannot reapply "Int
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LOL Champion Concept: Morgenstern
Name: Morgenstern, The Grey Lasher
Role: Fighter
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Appearance: Morgenstern has neck-length grey hair and grey eyes. He wears a brown haori-styled coat with a gold and red waistband around his stomach, with brown pants and reddish-brown boots on his feet. He wields a long red whip with a custom-insert for setting balls on the end.
Residence: Morgenstern is from Demacia.
Related Champions: Garen, Lux, Katarina, Talon
Health: 587.3 (+89)
Attack Damage: 58.455 (+4.2)
Health Regen: 8.2975 (+0.75)
Attack Speed: 0.641 (+3%)
Mana: 308.3 (+38)
Armor: 25.827 (+3.6)
Mana Regen: 6.875 (+0.6)
Magic Resist: 31.575 (+1.25)
Range: 350/Pseudo-Ranged, similar to Thresh
Movement Speed: 340
Passive: Interchangeable Ball
Morgenstern can switch-out the ball/tip on the end of his whip with numerous differing ones, adding certain effects to his abilities, giving him gre
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LOL Champion Concept: Milludea
Name: Milludea, The Blade of the Nightshades
Role: Assassin
Secondary: Fighter
Female, Human
Appearance: Milludea has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a black training-bra on top, leaving her midriff exposed. She also has long, black tight pants (Akin to Yoga pants) and wears black slip-on shoes. She wields a Wakizashi that bleeds a black substance from its edge.
Residence: Milludea hails from Ionia.
Enemies: Shen, Akali, Kennen, Zed
Health: 578 (+89)
Attack Damage: 59 (+2.4)
Health Regen: 7.68 (+0.62)
Attack Speed: 0.630 (+2.7%)
Mana: 388 (+34)
Armor: 24.77 (+3.1)
Mana Regen: 7.47 (+0.54)
Magic Resist: 30 (+1.15)
Range: Melee
Movement Speed: 340
Kit: Her kit is inspired by the shadowy, inky darkness used by the Fable 3 antagonist "The Crawler" and the enemies and effects associated with him.
Passive: Nightshade Blood
Being a member of the Nightshades, Millud
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LOL Champion Concept: Dairun
Name: Dairun, The Nomadic Reaver
(His name is pronounced Day-Rune)
Role: Fighter
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Appearance: He is about 5-feet, 9 inches tall, has average length black-hair, masculine, but not unattractive-looking face with brown-eyes. He wears a white nomad-like shirt, with a red cloth over his mouth and nose, and black traveler's pants with brown sandals on his feet. Dairun wields a double-bladed Eku/Swallow weapon (Similar in appearance to the weapons of the character "Serge" from "Chrono Cross".)
Residence: Dairun is from Shurima.
Health: 579 (+53)      
Attack Damage: 54 (+2.6)
Health Regen: 3.460 (+0.7)    
Attack Speed: 0.703 (+2.0%)
Mana: N/A 
Armor: 29 (+2.1)
Mana Regen: N/A
Magic Resist: 30 (+1.4)
Range: Melee      
Movement Speed: 345
His abilities are all cool-down based and have no Mana-costs.
Passive: Sandrage
Dairun wields the weapon of an ancient Shuriman hero-warrior, known as the Scorpio. It is imbued with the
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LOL Champion Concept: Maereo
Name: Maereo, Mourner of the Mist
Role: Support
Secondary: Mage
Female, Undead-Human
Residence: Maereo hails from the Shadow Isles (Formerly known as the Blessed Isles)
Friends: Yorick, Kalista
Enemies: Mordekaiser, Karthus, Hecarim, Thresh
Health: 523 (+87)      
Attack Damage: 51 (+2.5)
Health Regen: 5.340 (+0.35)     
Attack Speed: 0.635 (+1.0%)
Mana: 340 (+55)     
Armor: 26 (+2)
Mana Regen: 6.600 (+ 0.25)  
Magic Resist: 26 (+2)
Range: Ranged
Movement Speed: 335
Passive: Shade-Sisterhood
As the former leader of a group of holy-nuns, Maereo can call the corrupted spirits of her fellows to the battlefield, called "Shades", who aid her in battle. The shades come forward to empower Maereo's spells. (20 second cool-down, reduced statically by 2 seconds for each rank of her ult)
Q-When used on an enemy: A Shade travels with
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LOL Champion Concept: Verrat
Name: Verrat , The Deceitful Deadeye
Role: Marksman
Secondary: None
Male, Human
Appearance: He is about 5-feet, 11-inches tall, has average length blonde-hair, masculine, rough-looking face. He wears a rust brown Captains-Jacket, with a dark blue shirt underneath. He wears dark blue pants and black boots on his feet.
Residence: Verrat is from Bilgewater.
Friends: Graves, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune
Rivals: Gangplank, Viktor
Health: 523 (+83)      
Attack Damage: 54 (+3.2)
Health Regen: 5.340 (+0.35)    
Attack Speed: 0.690 (+1.5%)
Mana: 320 (+45)    
Armor: 28 (+1.7)
Mana Regen: 7.435 (+ 0.34)  
Magic Resist: 27 (+1.2)
Range: Ranged   
Movement Speed: 330
Passive: Zaun Experimental Trans-formative-Upgradable Rifle
Verrat purloined this weapon from the College of Techmaturgy in Zaun, and has claimed it as his own, and uses i
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LOL Champion Concept: Ictinus
Name: Ictinus, The Imposing Commandant
(Pronounced "Ick" then "Tin" and finally, "Us")
Kit: His kit is inspired by the idea of an imposing, intimidating army-commander who expects loyalty from all under his command.
Role: Fighter
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Residence: Ictinus hails from Noxus.
Friends: Darius, Swain
Rivals: Riven, Leblanc
Health: 590 (+67)      Attack Damage: 54(+2.2)
Health Regen: 9.590 (+0.35)     Attack Speed: 0.630 (+1.5%)
Mana: 278 (+ 45.3)     Armor: 34 (+2)
Mana Regen: 7.435 (+ 0.34)  Magic Resist: 35 (+1.8)
Range: Melee   Movement Speed: 330
Passive: Intimidating Presence
Ictinus "intimidates" enemy Champions when he successfully hits them with one of his skills. Champions hit have a stack of "Intimidating Presence" applied onto them when hit by one of his sk
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LOL Champ Concept: Freya
Name: Freya, the Forgotten Princess
Role: Mage
Secondary: N/A
Friends: None
Rivals: Mordekaiser, Azir
Passive: The Bloody Rose
Freya's passive is named after the symbol of her forgotten kingdom, the Bloody Rose. Freya's spells cause a cursed rose-bloom to appear over their target. Each successful spell after the initial one causes the blossom to open more and more. When the rose blossom opens fully (After 5 successive spells),  it violently explodes, causing the afflicted unit to take increased damage from the spell and shoot out up to 6 cursed black thorns that damage nearby units (Prioritizes Champions) for 30-300 (Scales with level) magic damage. Units struck by multiple thorns take diminished damage beyond the first. (The target afflicted with the curse CANNOT be struck by the thorns, as they are already taking boosted damage from the spell that procs the effect.)
Q: Rose-Blast
Freya summons a spectral rose at the target location. After a brief delay, it explodes, dealing magi
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LOL Champion Concept: Aria (REWORKED)
Name: Aria Luminas ,The Glyph Sorceress
Role: Mage
Secondary: None
Residence: Aria was originally from Demacia, but has been exiled and now travels the land freely with Jeffery, her friend (and hinted lover).
Female, Human
Friends: Jeffery
Rivals: Lux, Fiora, Syndra
Appearance: She is about 5-Foot 9-Inches tall, slim, attractive figure, fair white skin, beautiful face, night-blue eyes, long, free-flowing, dark-blue hair, appears to be in her early to mid 20‘s. Four coloured glyph seals (red, green, blue and white, respectively) shine with energy as they appear tattooed/emblazoned upon her back. One is on the centre of her back, with one on the back of each of her shoulders and the fourth is located on the back of her neck.
Classic Skin: Wears a long, dark blue dress with a plunging back, allowing her Glyph seals to be seen, light blue
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Jeffery Concept Look by chrisredre5 Jeffery Concept Look :iconchrisredre5:chrisredre5 0 0
LOL Champion Concept:Jeffery (REWORKED)
Name: Jeffery, The Ebony Blademaster
Role: Fighter/ Juggernaut
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Residence: Jeffery was originally from Demacia, but has been exiled and now travels the land freely with Aria, his friend (and hinted lover).
Friends: Aria
Rivals: Garen, Jarvan IV
Appearance: He is about 6-Foot 1 Inches tall, slim build, fair white skin, attractive but masculine face, aqua blue eyes, messy, average-length auburn brown hair, appears to be in his early to mid 20‘s.
Classic Skin:Wears a long, dark grey coat, (similar to Organization XIII Coat but unzipped, open and no hood) greenish-blue armored shirt underneath the coat, dark reddish-brown armored pants, and light brown strap-on boots. Wields a long, black Zwei-hander. (A German sword
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League of Legends Champion Concept: Kival
Name: Kival, the Archon of Steel
(His name is pronounced "Ki" as in "Kite", "Val" as in "Vulture")
Role: Fighter/Tank
Male, Human
Residence: Kival is originally from the city of Piltover, but does not live there and travels Valoran as he pleases.
Friends/Rivals: Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn
Enemies: Jinx, Ekko, Viktor
Appearance: He is about 5-Foot 9-Inches tall, toned and fit body (but not ridiculously muscular) with Caucasian-white skin. Neck-length silver/white hair with golden-yellow eyes, masculine face with a scar running diagonally across his face, starting at his right eyebrow and stopping at his left cheekbone. Wields a long-bladed Falchion-type of sword with a custom-added cutlass hand-guard.
Classic Skin: Wears a long deep-blue overcoat (Akin to a cowboy duster-coat) with a silver chest-plate shirt underneath, dark blue denim-like pants, with black plated
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League of Legends Champion Concept: Mariana
Name:Mariana,The Lance Maiden
Role: Fighter
Female, Human
Residence:Mariana is from the City-State of Noxus.
Friends: Riven, Katarina
Rivals/Enemies: Leblanc
Appearance: She is about 5-Foot 5-Inches tall, an attractive, developed figure with fair white skin (but not overly developed/voluptuous like some of the other female champions) shoulder-length black hair with olive-green eyes, beautiful face, appears to be in her early to mid 20's. Wields a long silver pole-arm weapon. (Similar in appearance to Serge's weapon from Chrono Cross.)
Classic Skin: Wears a cedar-brown shirt, with two small chrome-grey shoulder pauldrons, one on each arm, white hand-bandage wrappings around the palms of her hands, tanned leather pants and raven-black battle boots.
Atlantean Mariana: Wears a helmet designed to resemble a great white shark's head, along with a tight, wet-suit-like armor colored grey and white, like a great white shark. Both of the ends of her pole-arm are pronged, like a trident.
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Ambrose: Character-Specific Taunts
Ambrose: Character-Specific Taunts
Your appearance matches your vile heart, creature.
(Enemy)The face of an angel, with the heart of a demon.
(Ally)Your foxy craftiness has corrupted you.

(Ally) An honorable man I would consider an Ally.
(Enemy) Fitting that I should be the one to bring about my own reckoning.

All Ninja Champions
Hide in whatever shadows you wish, my blade will find you.
Not even Ninjas can escape their reckoning!

(Ally)Your heart is true, but your means need more effort.
(Enemy)You can see the reckoning of your homeland, and seek to stifle its blow.

(Ally)Not even an Emperor avoids his reckoning.
(Enemy)The Crusaders can aid Shurima's return, Sand-Emperor.

Your reckoning is at hand, fire demon!
Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense, Braum.
You ought to call on the Crusaders for help in your city, Sheriff.
(Ally)Beauty? All I see
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League of Legends Champion Concept: Ambrose
Name:Ambrose, The Peerless Crusader
Role: Fighter
Secondary: Tank
Male, Human
Residence: Is a member of the "Crusaders", a group of mercenary knights with numerous bases throughout Valoran.
Friends: None
Rivals: None
Appearance: He is about 5-Foot 10-inches tall, rugged, masculine figure, white skin, masculine face, green-eyes, blond hair done into a shoulder-length ponytail (Think like Edgar Rene Figaro from FF6), appears to be in his mid to late 20's.
Classic Skin: Wears a browned with age-golden armor plated shirt, with matching bracer-gloves and armored shoulder pauldrons. He wears a pair of matching-colored pants with armored plating on the fronts of them, and brown war greaves.
Silver Order Ambrose: Wears a silver/chrome set of England Knights-armor, with a matching color to his sword. His blond hair is shoulder-length and free-flowing, somewhat similar in appearance to Siegfried from Soulcalibur.
Doom-Shade Ambrose: Wears a set of jet-black armor lined with small,
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Jeffery and Aria: Extra Quotes/Etc.
So the idea behind the “Black-heart Jeffery” and “Fallen Aria” skins is that they would be Legendary/Ultimate Skins, if the characters were ever made into real playable characters. It’s partially alluded to in their Lores, referring to Jeffery’s possibility of corruption by his black blade, and Aria’s possible fate as a reincarnated evil. Thus, they would have new lines, effects, and actions associated with those skins. There would also be response lines from one to another when they meet in-game, depending on who is using one of those skins. This applies to a mirror-match as well.
Jeffery’s responses
This applies for any skin of Jeffery’s except for “Black-heart Jeffery”.
Responses to players using the “Fallen Aria” Skin
Seeing them for the first time
I failed you, Aria. Forgive me.
You’re nothing more than Aria’s shadow.
I’ll set you free from your pain.
If he slays Aria players using the
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Venus :The Queen of Fairies: by MrsMagalink Venus :The Queen of Fairies: :iconmrsmagalink:MrsMagalink 464 120 Blitza's Elly by Tiger1001
Mature content
Blitza's Elly :icontiger1001:Tiger1001 1,293 53
Lunala Gijinka -3hours challenge by Redjet00 Lunala Gijinka -3hours challenge :iconredjet00:Redjet00 150 16 Empoleon Gijinka by Migerumaru Empoleon Gijinka :iconmigerumaru:Migerumaru 132 33 Tyro's mother by TLK-Peachii Tyro's mother :icontlk-peachii:TLK-Peachii 13 1 Bloody warrior by Xelgot Bloody warrior :iconxelgot:Xelgot 127 14 Jonathan by LhuneArt Jonathan :iconlhuneart:LhuneArt 294 9
The Earth And Water
It was a nice warm night. The sky was clear, and the stars shone fiercely with their radiant light. The wind blows by the dunes, taking what little sand with it. A little boy was lying on his backside in sand, his hands crossed under his head, breathing in the salty sea air. He stared into the bright night sky, filled with stars, all with different colors : red, blue, yellow, and green. It was rare to have a clear night such as this one, in the Land Of Departure, most nights it's nothing but clouds. Meaning that the darkness is becoming larger, and that only meant that it was only a matter of time before it reaches his world.
But the young boy wasn't thinking about the darkness, he was focusing on the beauty of the stars. He soon started to shape pictures from them, he saw Keys, Swords, and some peculiar looking creatures. He continued drawing out the stars till he came to a top, the last picture he saw was a KeyBlade.
The young boy smiled, he always wanted a KeyBlade, or to be more pr
:iconwonder-kid:wonder-kid 11 8
AT Eevee by Captain-Strudle AT Eevee :iconcaptain-strudle:Captain-Strudle 25 10 Teen Titans: Kid Flash by Picolo-kun Teen Titans: Kid Flash :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,630 139 Spider Gwen by lufidelis Spider Gwen :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 799 33 MK: Scorpion by Takilmar MK: Scorpion :icontakilmar:Takilmar 501 107 Absolute Zero's cold love by SovietMentality Absolute Zero's cold love :iconsovietmentality:SovietMentality 32 37 Seth's Blade by DarkLordSyn Seth's Blade :icondarklordsyn:DarkLordSyn 331 23 Scyth by spiderlance Scyth :iconspiderlance:spiderlance 92 6 Mercenary concept by Nahelus Mercenary concept :iconnahelus:Nahelus 150 5


Name: Ictinus, the Imposing Commandant

Role: Juggernaut/Fighter
Secondary: Tank

Male, Human

Residence: Ictinus is from Noxus.

Related Champions: Darius, Swain, Katarina, Talon, Leblanc, Sion 

Health: 595.34 (+93.25)
Attack Damage: 58.45 (+4.5)
Health Regen: 8.923 (+0.78)
Attack Speed: 0.628 (+2.25%)
Mana: 295.2 (+39.8)
Armor: 27.74 (+3.6)
Mana Regen: 7.065 (+0.54)
Magic Resist: 32.1 (+1.25)
Range: 175 (Melee)
Movement Speed: 340

Passive: Intimidating Presence
When Ictinus attacks an enemy champion with a skill, he "Intimidates" them, reducing their damage-output against him (And ONLY him) by 1.25% for the next 4 seconds, (1.5%/1.75%/2%, increases with levels of Ult) stacking up to 4 times at max with each successive skill hit. Upon the fifth strike, the enemy champion is "Terrified" for 1.5 seconds, and the damage reduction is doubled. However, he cannot reapply "Intimidating Presence" for 9 seconds after the effect has worn off.
Attacking/"Intimidating" a new champion removes the effect on the original target.

Q: Disciplinary Action (Three Actives) (Range: 300 in a straight line; For Sword-Active, 425 in a half-circle; For Axe Active, 675 in a cone for third and final active) (MP Cost: 20/30/40/50/60 MP) (Cool-Down: 18/16/14/12/10 Seconds)
First Active: Ictinus stabs with his sword in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all units struck in a straight line.
Second Active: He then swings with his axe, dealing physical damage in a half-circle radius in the target direction.
Third Active: He then heaves both weapons down with force, dealing physical damage in a cone-shaped radius in the target direction.
(He has a 4-second window to recast for each active, recasts cost HALF the first active)

W: Court-Martial (Range: 600) (MP Cost: 50 MP) (Cool-Down: 10/9/8/7/6 Seconds)
Active: Ictinus drags his weapons along the ground behind him for a maximum 2-second period, and then swings them in an upward X-shaped attack in the direction he is facing when the wind-up is over, damaging units struck.  Enemies hit suffer a slowing effect called "Scorch Marks" for a few seconds afterward, increasing with how long he waited before swinging.
(Ictinus can move freely during the wind-up period, but cannot change the direction he swings in once that is over. The ability can be recast to unleash the attack early.)

E: Flanking Maneuver (Range: 550) (MP Cost: 80/70/60/50/40 MP) (Cool-Down: 25/22/19/16/13 Seconds)
Active: Ictinus leaps into the air, doing a forward somersault. Using the momentum, he brings both his weapons down in a crash at the target area, creating a shockwave that deals physical damage to units and briefly displacing them for 0.5 seconds.

R: No Quarter (Range: 425) (MP Cost: 100 MP) (Cool-Down: 120/105/90 Seconds)
Passive: The blows of this attack deal an additional 25%/37.5%/50% to champions suffering from the cool-down portion of "Intimidating Presence".
Active: Upon activation, Ictinus unsheathes his weapons and unleashes two powerful blows, one right after the other, with his sword and axe, dealing great damage to the target unit.


Ictinus is a proud man of Noxus, a no-nonsense general who suffers no weaklings in his troop. Ictinus refused to take any part of the events regarding the succession of former Grand General Darkwill, only saying he would stand behind whomever was chosen. Thus, when Swain proved victorious, Ictinus quickly took to his new Grand General, and grimly marched throughout the armies of Noxus, weeding out any fools who refused to rise up to support their new leader.

Ictinus is a man whose presence can be felt by both enemy and ally alike. To the soldiers he commands, he is a beacon of strength to look up to and try to emulate, while to his foes, his mere presence strikes fear into their hearts and can quickly cause them to break ranks and flee before him. Ictinus only lets the strongest into his personally-commanded troop of the Noxian armies, and any who seek to join must engage him in open combat. If they can survive long enough, they are allowed to join, and Ictinus will immediately take to disciplining them into a warrior the Noxian people can be proud of. Those who have managed to enter his powerful group (And survived his brutal training long enough to tell the tale) have complete loyalty in him, and suffer no detractors to live in their presence. Some have even said that Ictinus would make a good Grand General himself, but Ictinus does not care for political power, he merely seeks to ensure that the strongest, and only the strongest are in the armies of Noxus.

"A soldier true to the spirit of Noxus must be molded through the discipline of their commander."


The Commandant has arrived.

At match start-up
Time to weed out the weaklings.
They will obey their Commandant.

Firm and Immovable.
There'll be no squabbles.
Follow your Orders.
Weed out the whelps.
The weak have no place in my squads.
Strength AND Stability.
Kick out the cowards.
Only the strong have a place in my troop.
Let's see if it's worth my time.
A single presence can change a lot of tides.
Noxus has no use for cowards.

Prove you're worthy of my command.
Be strong, or be crushed.
Dent me, if you can.
Fight or flee, it makes no difference.
You're a bold one.
Get out of my path, or be crushed under it.
Can they withstand me?
Fear me or Revere me.
Noxus needs firm fighters, not fearful fools.
Out of my way, coward!

Using Disciplinary Action
Move, weakling!
Here it comes!
Quake with fear!

Using Court-Martial
I don't take kindly to cowardice!
Desertion means Death!
Insubordination will NOT be tolerated!

Using Flanking Maneuver
Take this!
This'll learn ya!
Insolent whelp!

Using No Quarter
(Snarling Shout)
No Quarter!

Ictinus sits down on the ground, and starts doodling in the dirt, using the bottom of his axe's handle as a drawing device. He draws a stick-figure version of himself standing triumphant on-top a pile of bodies. He then stands up, laughing at his doodle. He then rubs it out with his foot and resumes his normal pose.
Let's see... a little bit here... a tad there, and... perfect!
(Hums to himself as he draws.) And there! No painter could do better!
(Hums to himself as he draws.) Maybe if I had an actual canvas, it would look more inspiring.

Ictinus sets his two weapons on the ground, and then cracks his knuckles and then loosens himself up, and picks up his weapons to resume his normal pose.
Time for some disciplinary action.
Troublemakers are treated as enemy combatants.
Let's whip you into shape, whelp.

Taunting near an enemy Riven
Riven, a spirit of weakness grasps you.
I can help you regain that faith you've lost, Riven.
Running like you are only proves your cowardice, Riven.

Taunting near an enemy Leblanc
Deceptive tactics are a sign of weakness.
The Black Rose has no future in the Noxus of tomorrow.
Leblanc, you're no strong leader for those weaklings in the Black Rose to look towards.

Taunting near an allied Darius
Let us show them the strength of Noxus, Darius.

Taunting near an enemy Garen
You coddle the weak with your pursuit of Justice, fool.
Demacia, the nation of blow-hards.

Taunting near an enemy Jarvan IV
Let's whip the little prince-ling into shape, shall we?
Time for your discipline, royal brat.

Ictinus sets down his two weapons and starts doing the "Circle-floor shuffle" as seen and exemplified by Donald O' Connor in the "Make 'Em Laugh" song from "Singin' In the Rain".

Ictinus laughs.

Recall Animation
Ictinus sets his sword on the ground alongside his leg and then wipes his axe's blade off with his hand, before laying it along his shoulder and laughing.

Ictinus drops his two weapons while standing still for a moment, before teetering back and forth, and then falling backwards onto his back.


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